Photos of years gone by!

What is this all about

It takes a town to make it happen!

Cities of Love Cities of Love

Our goal-Spread love from sea to shinning sea!

How did it start How did it start

One of the first questions I get asked is “Where did you come up with that idea?”

Why do we do it Why do we do it

Love on the Run is a free event founded on the idea of giving love back to the local community.

Sponsors Sponsors

“It took 200 hours to staff the event and come the 14th, we spent 115 hours and 600 miles delivering bottles of love!” – Lincoln,NE


Letters of love

  • I love you more than…
    Snickerdoodle cookies, chocolate and a bottle of red wine on a cold winter night.

    - Anonymous
  • Typed works are my life. It is my business. I do it for a living and I’m very good at it. 15,000 lines a week is nothing for me to crank out. My husband…….not so much. He is a “hunt and peck” sort of typist. What he lacks in speed, he makes up for in concentration and will power to get the job done. I have proof. They sit on my desk and I look at them EVERY day.

    Love On The Run has made me a true believer in Valentine’s day. You see, thanks to you,
    I have love notes. I mean real love notes. Ones in a bottle that I can pull out whenever I need to remember. What true love and dedication feels like. Those are not just words he hunted and pecked for on a piece of paper, they are a reminder of yesterdays and where we were at that time in our life, kept safe by a beautiful bottle. A beautiful bottle of thoughtful words that someday my grandkids will giggle about how silly their grandpa Wade is and a wonderful example to show them how to maintain and nurture a marriage.

    Thank you so much for providing this service for our community. I can’t wait until my doorbell rings on February 14th with my bottle of love!

    - Jaime Reitz
  • Ross,
    My darling, my lover, my dreamboat… I can’t live without you so please never make me.


    - Kimberly